The Damage Done To Children

As a Christian I would argue that it is impossible to change sex or gender. I would never support puberty blockers or surgery for someone who wishes to change what they were given, a normal functional body.

The UK is finally coming around. David Bell, former president of the British Psychoanalytic Society has written a piece in The Guardian (hardly a right-wing rag). He finishes by saying:

“In years to come we will look back at the damage done to children with incredulity and horror.”

But will we hold people accountable for that horror?

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NHS England Stops Prescribing Puberty Blockers and Updates its Cross-Sex Hormones Policy for Minors.

Starting April 2024, NHS England will halt the prescription of puberty blockers for gender-dysphoric youth, as part of an updated approach to their care. This decision precedes the final Cass report, expected in April 2024, which may bring further changes. Cross-sex hormones will still be available for those around 16 years of age, with added safeguards. The new policies are aimed at providing more holistic and cautious care, moving away from the previous model focused primarily on medical transition for minors. This significant policy shift aligns with ongoing debates about the best approaches to support gender-dysphoric youth, reflecting a careful consideration of the treatments’ long-term impacts and the current state of evidence.

For a detailed overview, you can view the original source: SEGM.


America’s Shift in Medical Ethics Threatens Religious Freedom

An article from the Christian Post discusses the significant shift in medical ethics in America, arguing that it poses a threat to religious freedom. It highlights a move from a focus on preserving life to justifying procedures that end life or alter bodies, under the guise of autonomy and compassion.

This shift encompasses issues like abortion, assisted suicide, and gender transition treatments. The piece calls for the protection of medical conscience rights for healthcare professionals who oppose these practices on religious grounds, emphasizing the importance of upholding America’s foundational freedoms.

For more details, you can read the full article here.


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