Lesbian Dating App “Matches”

Whatever you think of dating apps, and I don’t think much of them, this is just one more illustration of the current madness. Be sure to check out the preferred pronouns.

File this one under: Men going where they should not go.

Some will call you a transphobe if, as a Lesbian, you are turned off by penises. After all, it’s how you identify internally that truly matters. Right?


Gender Dysphoria in Young People is Rising—and so is Professional Disagreement

This British Journal of Medicine review is worth your time.

More children and adolescents are identifying as transgender and are being offered medical treatment, especially in the US—but some providers and European authorities are urging caution because of a lack of strong evidence. Jennifer Block reports

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What Are We Doing To Our Children?

UK Parents Demand Answers After Man Plays Cricket Against 12 Year Old Girls

File this one under JUSTICE FOR FEMALES.

Concerned coaches and parents in the U.K. are raising alarm after a middle-aged transgender woman who transitioned from biological male was allowed to compete in cricket against girls as young as 12.

Multiple letters to the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) from parents have expressed concern that the player, whose identity and exact age have not been revealed, possesses an unfair advantage over their girls by having undergone male puberty, according to The Telegraph.

Source: Yahoo News

Or course if you can argue you are a woman and not a man based purely on self-identity. And are legally regarded as such, by some Western countries. What’s to keep you from identifying as a teenager when you are really 35? And expecting the larger community to affirm that identity as well? Hmm?


Is The Western World That Insane?