The Nebulous Nihilism Of Transgenderism

From Andrew Sullivan, who gets near the root of this phenom sweeping the Western world: nihilism. Nothing has a real existence. So we can just make crap up, if we want to. Disregard the body. Disregard what most people would call reality.

Sullivan is a prominent writer who happens to be gay. Here are the first few graphs of his latest article: The Gender Identity Of … Eunuchs. Or Dolphins.

What is gender identity? Since this very new term is now cemented in law, corporate practice, and now medicine as well, it’s a good question. 

Here is an official description from HRC, the biggest “queer” lobby: 

One’s innermost concept of self as male, female, a blend of both or neither – how individuals perceive themselves and what they call themselves.

The key word, it seems to me, is neither. It means that your gender may not have anything to do with being male or female or on any kind of masculine/feminine spectrum. Your gender identity can be a tree, a fish, a Nazi, a puddle, or an earthworm — and these innermost identities must always be affirmed and be protected in law.

And now, according to the latest standards of the World Professional Association For Transgender Health (WPATH), children may identify as eunuchs! “Gender-affirming care” is castration.

Eunuch individuals will present themselves clinically in various ways. They wish for a body that is compatible with their eunuch identity—a body that does not have fully functional male genitalia. Some other eunuch individuals feel acute discomfort with their male genitals and need to have them removed to feel comfortable in their bodies … 

Like other gender diverse individuals, eunuch individuals may be aware of their identity in childhood or adolescence. Due to the lack of research into the treatment of children who may identify as eunuchs, we refrain from making specific suggestions.

WPATH Standards of Care (version 8)

Read the whole thing.

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This may sound extreme to some, but as a Christian, I must say, there are dark powers at work here.