America’s Shift in Medical Ethics Threatens Religious Freedom

An article from the Christian Post discusses the significant shift in medical ethics in America, arguing that it poses a threat to religious freedom. It highlights a move from a focus on preserving life to justifying procedures that end life or alter bodies, under the guise of autonomy and compassion.

This shift encompasses issues like abortion, assisted suicide, and gender transition treatments. The piece calls for the protection of medical conscience rights for healthcare professionals who oppose these practices on religious grounds, emphasizing the importance of upholding America’s foundational freedoms.

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Anti-Science Medical Interest Groups

Given recent political losses, most notably in the state of Ohio, the Pro-Life cause needs to emphasize the facts of abortion more widely. Here’s an article seeking to do just that.

The article criticizes Planned Parenthood and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) for their stance on fetal heartbeats in relation to heartbeat laws. The ACOG had previously claimed that a recognizable fetal heartbeat only exists after the heart’s chambers have developed, typically around 17 to 20 weeks of gestation, they said. However, both medical evidence and Planned Parenthood’s own website acknowledged the development of a basic beating heart and circulatory system as early as 5-6 weeks.

The ACOG’s stance was incorrect, noting that the fetal heart is fully developed by around 9 weeks and the chambers form by the end of week 7. The ACOG has prioritized its political agenda over scientific facts. Their approach was not in the best interest of mothers or their unborn children. Courts should reject the influence of such medical interest groups in legal decisions regarding abortion laws.

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Embodiment & God’s Image

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What are you reflecting today?

The body is the corporeal manifestation of the incorporeal reality, the earthly pattern of God’s image.

If we understand the “image” to mean that humans are representatives of God, a mirror image of God, instead of meaning that humans possess particular attributes like intellect, free will, etc, then an imager of God means you are an angled mirror reflecting God and God’s wise rule to the world, and also the praises of creation back to God.

When the Scriptures say believers are a ‘royal priesthood’ it means humans were destined by God to ‘rule’ over the Earth (the royal part) and then sum up the praises of creation as a gracious offering back to our Creator (the priesthood part).

See how that works?

But if for example you hold the view that being an imager of God has to do with attributes, then you might think that our ultimate destiny is to become a spirit, since God is a Spirit.

(What about the Incarnation?)

The scriptures say we humans, body and soul, were created in the image of God. This presents a problem to those who say the ‘image’ primarily refers to attributes instead of representation. So, I conclude…

Our ultimate destiny is to become God directed HUMAN’s, body and soul. Not spirits.

There is of course more to be said.

Please read the following post to get more details about the ultimate destiny of God’s human family, and why the ‘spirit of this age’ must be rejected by the Church.


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