Lifelong Liberal Democrats Create Documentary “Affirmation Generation”

They describe themselves as lifelong, liberal Democrats, but the makers of a documentary about the difficulties of people who transitioned from one gender to another and back have found themselves branded as bigots and anti-trans grifters as well as TERFs—short for Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists.

They said a screening of Affirmation Generation had been canceled due to pushback from trans rights activists—including threats of disruption and social media attacks, and another required extra security and a secret location. Some of the film’s makers say they did not dare use their own names.

If Hollywood knew I made this movie, I would be immediately canceled and destroyed,” said producer Vera Lindner, who goes by a different name for mainstream projects.


She began transitioning at age 18, including injections of testosterone and the surgical removal of both of her breasts, which she said led to more depression. When she was diagnosed four years later with Complex PTSD due to abuse suffered as a child, she transitioned back to female.

Now 26 and saying she is comfortable in her own body, she blames a “cultural obsession” for encouraging her to be trans. “There’s a deconstructionist element to it, completely pushing against traditional values, including the reality of biological sex,” she said. “Kids are pushed along on this conveyor belt that involves big pharma, billable insurance and media propaganda.”

Since going public with her decision to detransition, she’s been likened to a Nazi in social media and told she’s “supporting the genocide of trans people.”

Source: Newsweek

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