Decolonization is Woke Jihad

Sorry to say it. But I think Wright is right.

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CRT, Anti-Racism, Gender Ideology, Post-Colonialism, Queer Theory, with their ‘oppressor-oppressed’ worldview is a wicked brew indeed. Combine that with these poll results about U.S. adults under 30 and you begin to understand how today’s fermentations have ‘suddenly’ bubbled up into our wide open spaces. For example, since October 7, all those college students marching in support of Hamas.

For those unaware, TikTok is effectively ‘owned’ by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The modern iteration of Marxism on campuses has shifted from focusing on economic classes to cultural identities, influenced by theorists like Herbert Marcuse and Antonio Gramsci.

I could add another 20 examples of ‘Pro-Palestine’ activists tearing down pictures of women and children recently kidnapped by Hamas.

And good God, this wicked brew doth make strange bedfellows. As in “Queers for Palestine.”

Cultural Jihad by any means necessary, I suppose. In the old Soviet days people like this were called ‘useful idiots.’ Many of our politically progressive Jewish fellow citizens just received their wake up call.


Tolerance of Racial, Religious, & Sexual Minorities Has Never Been Higher

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion movement that some call “Wokeism” is mostly about destroying Western norms and rebuilding a new society. The activists behind the movement are Critical Theory inspired Cultural Marxists. Which is why they speak incessantly about oppression, the marginalized other, & smashing this and that, especially Capitalism & Heteronormativity.

There are plenty of things in the West which need our urgent attention. But tolerance of Race, Religion or Sex differences has never been higher. Which partially explains the invention of a fake category called ‘gender identity.’ (Most of us don’t believe we have a ‘gender identity.’)

I agree with Shellenberger. DEI promotes intolerance and censorship.