Information: The Foundation of Life

Just as data centers are crucial for storing valuable information in the digital world, DNA is essential for the existence of life. DNA is the main data source for the physical features of all life.

It contains information for manufacturing more than twenty thousand different proteins, which can be arranged with other molecules to make about 200 different types of human cells. These cells are custom-made to form the tissues that make up each of our organs and systems. The information in DNA is crucial for this process, and DNA can store enormous amounts of data, surpassing any human-designed storage capacity.

However, as much as we have learned, science does not yet have a complete description of all the information needed to build even one cell, let alone more complex biological objects, like eyes or bones. 

Where did this information come from?

Professor Behe says the source code with the sophistication seen in DNA has never been known to arise without a programmer or intelligent agent.

An intelligent agent is the designer and supplier of the information that is the foundation of all life.

Video by Discovery Science

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