‘That’s not Hateful, That’s a Fact’

Your are entitled to your own opinion.
But not your own facts.

A 5th grade teacher locked horns with fellow guests and audience members during Dr. Phil amid a heated debate about whether schools should teach transgender ideology.

Dr. Phil hosted an episode on Thursday over gender “inclusivity” in schools, ranging from tampons being given out in boys’ restrooms to curriculum teaching transgender ideology. One guest argued that tampons being given out in boys’ restrooms would be a massive help to those who don’t have their own money. A 5th grade teacher however, replied with basic biological fact. 

“Men do not menstruate. Only women menstruate,” the teacher named Ray declared.

A transgender activist named Jordan replied, “Cis-men don’t menstruate, but trans men do menstruate, same as non-binary people,” later adding, “menstruating is not exclusive to women.” 

FULL STORY (It would be great if other mainstream media sources besides Fox News covered these stories! I’m still searching for those.)


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