Sweden Steps Back From The Edge – Part 1

This one slipped under the blog radar. But better late than never. File under the label, experimental care, and remember, Sweden is perhaps the most Gender-fluid-friendly country in Europe.

The National Board of Health and Welfare in Sweden has updated the national guidelines on good care for children and adolescents with gender dysphoria. The updated guidelines, published in December 2022, emphasize the need for health regions to address accessibility problems and inadequate knowledge about treatment results.

The report calls for a quality registry to enable systematic documentation and monitoring of care and highlights the knowledge gaps in existing scientific evidence regarding puberty suppressants and gender-affirming hormone therapy. Consequently, the report advises caution in using hormonal and surgical treatments, as the risks are considered to outweigh the expected benefits for adolescents with gender dysphoria.

A crucial distinction in the report highlights the difference between classic gender dysphoria and late-onset gender identity. The former develops early in childhood & persists. The latter is overwhelmingly much later and primarily among adolescent females. And in my opinion is being stoked by gender ideologues who see this as an opportunity to “queer” social norms and strike a blow against “heteronormativity.” But you won’t find that assessment in the report. You will find this:

The documented experience with the Dutch protocol includes only adolescents with binary gender identity, and among participating experts there is a lack of clinical experience with puberty-suppressing and gender-affirming hormone therapy for adolescents with non-binary gender identity.

Other recommendations include offering psychosocial support during diagnostic assessment, systematically searching for signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and ADHD/ADD, and continuing measures such as sexology counseling, fertility preservation, voice and communication treatment, and hair removal.

Of course, as a Christian, I must say no-one is born with the wrong sex. They may not like their natal sex for a host of reasons. Also very few may be born with bodies that have experienced developmental breakdowns in the womb, (intersex patients). But those reasons are not reason enough to assert the existence of more than two sexes & jump on the gender ideology train.

As mammals, we are a sexually di-morphic species. It was only about 15 minutes ago that far too many folks in the Western world began to believe otherwise.

Psycho-social-spiritual care NOT gender-affirming care is what our young people need.

I’ve communicated several times on this blog that we are experimenting on our children for largely ideological purposes. Nothing I’ve learned in the past two years leads me to revise that statement.


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