The Tragedy of Jazz Jennings

The reality-TV star’s story is a terrible indictment of so-called gender-affirming care.

At the age of five, Jaron socially transitioned to become a ‘girl’ and was renamed Jazz Jennings. Aged 14, he started fronting his own hugely successful reality-TV series, I Am Jazz. Now in its eighth season, the series has charted the lives of Jazz, his family and friends as well as the long and complex medical procedures of his gender reassignment, from puberty blockers to eventual castration and the creation of a ‘neovagina’.

If we are to believe the trans lobby, for whom Jazz is now a prominent advocate, he is walking proof of the importance of early ‘affirmation’ of transgender identity in children. But like so much of the propaganda churned out by the trans movement, the true story of Jazz is much darker than we have been led to believe. Now 21 years old, Jazz has become a tragic figure. Obese, depressed and often suffering from anxiety attacks, he has struggled to form anything remotely like an intimate relationship.

Source: Malcolm Clark – Spiked

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Jazz Jennings

Jazz Jennings’ mom is highlighted in this post.

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