Kaiser Medical Sued Again By Another Detransitioner

Kayla Lovdahl (aka Layla Jane) who underwent a double mastectomy at the tender age of 13(!) is suing Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Permanente Medical Group, and the doctors who pushed her and her parents along the path to hormonal and surgical transgender procedures.


Lovdahl grew up struggling with mental health issues and was eventually exposed to trans-identifying influencers online who pushed her to believe that she was trans. So, Lovdahl told her parents she was a boy, her lawsuit says. Her parents didn’t know what to do and “promptly sought guidance” from doctors (the defendents in the case). 

Three individual Kaiser doctors (including Escalante) reportedly advised the young girl’s family that she was too young for hormones. But her family was ultimately referred to Watson, Taylor, and Tong, “who immediately, and negligently, affirmed Kayla’s self-diagnosed transgenderism without adequate psychological evaluation,” “promptly placed her on puberty blockers and testosterone at age 12,” and “performed a double mastectomy within six months at age 13.” 

“This all occurred after Dr. Watson determined in a single, 75-minute transition evaluation that Kayla was transgender,” the lawsuit says.

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