Planned Parenthood Sex-Ed Lesson In Elementary School

Nine and ten year olds in a Washington State Elementary School get an eye-opening and confusing lesson about sex and gender.

Podcaster Brandi Kruse reported on a sex education lesson provided to fourth and fifth grade students at Lincoln Elementary School on May 9, 2023. The lesson included over 40 images of different drawings of male and female genitalia. Another page from the lesson shows what children may need during puberty. One item is listed as “puberty blockers.” One page has a “gender wheel” that shows children they can be transgender and pick their pronouns. Examples of identities on this wheel include “drag king,” “boyish girl,” and “femme boy.” The word “tree” is also listed as a pronoun. The page for the wheel states:

You can keep your understanding of bodies, gender and pronouns as dancing and alive and current as possible. This means knowing about lots of different kinds of people and including every body as a normal part of your regular, everyday life.

Source: Parents Defending Education

“Words and ways of thinking are changing all the time as old, limiting beliefs transform and evolve.’

Gender Wheel Quote – 4th Grade Sex-Ed Material