Parental Rights and Gender Identity Policies in California

Protect Kids California

Let me address a political issue in California that touches on parental rights, gender identity, and the democratic process.

California’s Stance on Gender Identity

Under the leadership of Governor Gavin Newsom, California has been at the forefront of policies that endorse transgender identity. Critics like myself argue that these policies infringe upon parental rights, compromise fairness in women’s sports, and harm the long-term health of children.

Direct Democracy in Action: Ballot Initiatives

In response to these policies, a coalition named “Protect Kids California” has taken a direct approach to challenge them. They’ve filed three ballot initiatives for the November 2024 ballot. These initiatives aim to:

  • Ensure schools notify parents if their children identify as transgender.
  • Prevent biological males from participating in women’s sports and accessing women’s spaces.
  • Prohibit medical professionals from administering experimental drugs or surgeries to minors to affirm a gender identity different from their biological sex.

‘The Advocates’ Perspective

Jonathan Zachreson, a spokesperson for Protect Kids California, emphasizes the importance of parental involvement in children’s lives. He argues that the current legislative approach does not adequately represent the people’s wishes.

Polls suggest that a significant majority of Californians support parental notification in schools and restrictions on medical interventions for minors.

We have legislators and institutions taking advantage of vulnerable children and busy parents. 

Jonathan Zachreson

The Legal Landscape

Recent laws and bills in California have further ignited this debate. For instance:

  • In 2022, Newsom signed SB 107, declaring California a “trans refuge state.” This law allows California courts to reassign custody of children seeking gender-affirming care from other states.
  • The California Senate is considering AB 957, which could label parents as abusive if they don’t affirm their child’s preferred gender identity.
  • The state’s education code allows students to access facilities and programs consistent with their gender identity.

You can read more about AB 957 in this post.

The Ballot Initiatives in Detail

  • Protect Children from Reproductive Harm Act: This initiative aims to protect children from experimental medical interventions related to gender transition. It cites concerns about the FDA’s stance and practices in other countries.
  • School Transparency and Partnership Act: This initiative emphasizes the importance of parental rights, arguing that parents should be informed about significant changes related to their child’s gender identity at school.
  • Protect Girls’ Sports and Spaces Act: This initiative seeks to ensure fairness in women’s sports and maintain the privacy and safety of students in sex-segregated spaces.

The Road Ahead

While these ballot initiatives offer a direct way for Californians to voice their opinions, they face challenges. They need over half a million certified signatures to even appear on the ballot. Additionally, the state’s Democratic attorney general, Rob Bonta, who will draft the title and summary for these initiatives, might oppose them.

This issue underscores the complexities of balancing individual rights, parental rights, and societal norms. Remember, the essence of democracy lies in informed discussions and the active participation of its citizens.

I encourage you all to think critically about these issues, engage in respectful discussions, and always stay informed.

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