Critical Race Theory & Identitarianism

I haven’t written much about Critical Race Theory, but there are links in a ‘critical theory chain’ between early-to-mid 20th century Marxists and today’s Gender Ideologues.

You should read an excellent article on this by Law Professor Robert P. George of Princeton University.

Perspective: Are classrooms exchanging MLK’s dream for identity politics?

Some are dividing our world into two categories: persecutors and the persecuted. Reality is much more complex

What is being taught in many schools today is not critical race theory, if by “critical race theory” one means the writings of Bell, Delgado, Matsuda, Williams and others who developed this approach to law.

In fact, students are not given a formal “theory” of anything at all. But they are encouraged to view the world in a certain way — they are being taught to be identitarians — that is, to treat racial or gender identities as central to who they, themselves, and other people are. And this teaching is often justified in the name of “anti-racism.”