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Europe is backing up. Australia, especially the state of Victoria, like Canada, is barreling ‘forward.’ What will the U.S. do? Red and Blue?

The interview below touches upon the situation in Australia, particularly in Victoria, where laws related to sex self-identification, conversion therapy bans, and potential hate speech laws on gender identity are discussed. Lawford Smith highlights the concern that these laws could threaten gender-critical speech.

She points out the unique situation where a marginalized group’s protection is said to depend on a lie, referring to the insistence on affirming gender identity. She compares this to historical instances where certain metaphysical beliefs were forced onto populations.


Celebrate God’s Creation of Male and Female

Increasingly U.K. Policy Makers Say ‘Sex Matters.’

More and more it looks like the U.K. is coming to its senses. I hope U.S. policy makers both at the Federal and State level are paying attention.

The U.K. Health Secretary, Steve Barclay, has committed to modifying the National Health Service (NHS) constitution to reinstate sex-segregated hospital facilities and remove certain gender-inclusive language to “ensure privacy and dignity for women.” Barclay, a Conservative Party member, announced plans to bar male and female hospital patients from receiving treatment in each other’s facilities and to reintroduce references to sex-specific medical issues on the NHS website.

Additionally, an NHS policy requiring staff to declare pronouns to each patient was canceled. The move comes amidst ongoing debates regarding gender activism and follows the closure of an NHS gender-identity youth clinic in July 2022 after it was deemed unsafe.

Full Story at National Review.


God Created Us Male & Female