Dr. Soh “Takes No Prisoners” On Dr. Phil Show

We need more health professionals like this. Dr. Debra Soh is a sex neuroscientist, the host of The Dr. Debra Soh Podcast, and the author of The End of Gender: Debunking the Myths About Sex and Identity in Our Society. (I’ve read and recommend.)

Her latest and provocative piece is about Saving Women’s Sport and the most recent Department of Education proposal to allow elementary-aged students to compete in sports according to their gender identity as opposed to their biological sex.

Another reminder that today’s progressivism hates women. So says Soh.

There are only two sexes, and identifying as a woman doesn’t erase the physical advantages associated with undergoing male puberty. Regardless of age, male-bodied athletes should not be competing in women’s and girls’ sports. For boys with gender dysphoria who haven’t completed puberty, affirming their self-identity as female is unhelpful because there is a high probability that they will outgrow how they feel.
As someone who once considered myself to be on the Left, I am appalled and disgusted at how, time and again, gender ideology supports and revels in the denigration and trivialization of women. Women’s rights are being trampled every time a policy prioritizing self-declared identity over biological sex is supported. Readers who share my concern must move beyond feeling fearful of labels like “transphobic,” “hateful,” and “racist.” These false ideas cannot control us.


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