Being Excluded From Your Own Body (repost)

Originally posted March 22, 2022

Here is a 2018 YouTube video (approx 17 minutes) of Professor Michele Moore (Univ of Essex), editor and chief of Disability & Society, a peer-reviewed academic journal in the field of disability studies.

Moore has been a warrior for children and young people yet has been harshly denounced for disagreeing with Gender Identity activists who claim that self-identified “transkids” are always right and should always be “affirmed” in their belief that they are Transgender.

She touches on several topics discussed by this blog.

  • Rapid Onset Gender-Dysphoria (ROGD) – teenagers (mostly girls) suddenly identifying with G-D
  • Social Contagion – teens identifying as trans in “friendship groups” offline and online
  • Schools Deceiving Parents About Social Transition
  • Social Services removing children from “non-affirming” parents.
  • 4,500 percent increase in girls identifying as transgender over last decade in UK
  • “Conversion Therapy” Deception
  • 2/3 of Self-ID “trans” teenagers previously identified with mental health disorders
  • 35% of children referred to UK Tavistock Gender Clinic are on autistic spectrum
  • 80% desistance rate once they go through puberty using “watchful waiting”
  • Normalizing dissociation from your natural body
  • Lifelong Medicalization of Identity
  • New kind of Homophobia
  • Experimentation on the bodies of our children
  • No child born in the wrong body
  • Self-ID of gender is illusory

This is about inclusion. Listen….

Here are some of her final words in the video….

I argue that self identity is brought on by the things people say.  A backdrop of media, the internet, the increasing role of trans affirmative ideas in schools for children that affect our teachers and the parents....uncritical medical practice is recycling the idea that the cause of misaligned gender resides in the body.  Even though medical interventions bring lifelong physical and psychological difficulties that will actually deepen gender-based dissatisfaction and never actually change a person's biological sex....

It's not coincidental that children's interests are being undermined by the idea of self-identification.  There are a lot of stakeholders including Big Pharma who want them to identify as transgender and who don't want anybody to ask any sensible questions.  Very conveniently puberty blockers and hormone therapy compounds gender confusion.  First the child misses out on the puberty of their peers.  Next an already confused girl has a vagina and a beard.  The only way forward is more treatment, more treatment.  Allegedly to relieve gender-dysphoria.  

But the DeTransitioners that I'm working with and the people who regret transitioning tell us that gender-dysphoria doesn't go away with medical intervention because the problem doesn't reside in the body.  

My critique is not about exclusion.  It's about inclusion.  It's about allowing every girl to live her own kind of femininity without being excluded from her own body and without being excluded from a female sex class.  And it's about inclusion so that any boy wants to wear pink dresses to school can do that and not be excluded from his own body.  And his own sex class.  

The idea that children are born in the wrong body, that gender is biological and sex isn't, and that children should be allowed to self-identify their sex and their gender, functions as a tool for adult self interest.  Children are being confused in terrible ways...

Professor Moore puts her career and reputation on the line by saying what she says. She has “nerves of steel.”

Gender Ideologues animated by Queer Theory want to abolish the concepts of sex and sexuality. And they want to start teaching this to our kids at the earliest possible age. Please refer to the following “category” of posts: Schools and Gender Ideology for more information.

You can read about Queer Theory in the previous post: The New Homophobia, LGBTQ Activism & Queer Theory.


As a Classic Christian I encourage everyone to “Embrace, Don’t Affirm.”

Individuals with a Gender Identity Disorder (Gender-Dysphoria) need Truth-filled Love. Please read this post for more details.

For anyone interested in an extended review of the Gender-Critical Pro-Creation argument presented on this blog, but without having to scroll through every post, please visit the Menu at the top of each page and click on the Top Posts link.

The Transgender Craze Seducing America

I haven’t blogged about Abigail Shrier in a while. Here is a YouTube interview (30 minutes) where she discusses her reporting on the insanity that is seducing our daughters, sons, and far too many adults in the Western World.

Partial Transcript

(2:06) [Why Target canceled her book]. Twitter activists complained. They [] removed the book. There was an outcry.  I sold a lot of books.  It sold out everywhere.  They put the book back up for sale and then the second no one was watching they quietly deleted it again.  So it’s not available and has not been for months and months and months has not been available on  

And you you see this testing going on at all over the place.  I mean i got a letter the other day from a man in Vermont who had offered to donate it to his library and the library refused to take it.   This is a book that people are on waiting lists to read and um you know libraries won’t, you know, very often won’t carry it.  They just refuse um and and we’re seeing that you know in Halifax, Nova scotia there was, there are 150 people on the list to read the book and Pride tried to shut it down and have it removed on the grounds that in a library of literally over a million volumes this one book made them unsafe.  


Anything from oh she’s not a medical doctor which of course you know no journalist who writes about any medical scandal is ever a medical doctor….that’s why we interview experts.

….there is no consensus view [among medical experts]. That’s the problem. There’s a lot of disagreement within the medical community how this should be handled unfortunately what’s going on right now is a real medical scandal and the few doctors you know who are willing to speak up really risk losing their license. 

…with regard to this you know transgender health care I just pointed out you know I did an exploration of the the  sudden rise out of nowhere of teenage girls deciding they were transgender I looked at why why are they suddenly the leading demographic. We have a hundred year diagnostic history of this thing called gender dysphoria, the severe discomfort with one’s biological sex, and it was always boys and men and now overwhelmingly the leading demographic is teenage girls across the west and and I wanted to look at why, why that might be and I explored you know I talked to a lot of experts who offer a lot of different reasons and uh that’s what I explored in the book. 

(5:15). Why are girls so susceptible?  Could you summarize?

Teenage girls in mental health distress anxiety depression and other you know anything from borderline personality disorder to other, you know, psychological struggles have always been susceptible to pure contagion they’ve always been susceptible to the idea that there’s something really wrong with them and that if they just lose enough weight or, you know, if they get control these multiple personalities or I mean there’s a you know they they come up with these explanations.  Sometimes they’re introduced from by therapists in this case it’s all over the culture and the and social media and the ideas.  They look to the culture to figure out what’s wrong with them and today the answer that they’re landing on is…oh I know what the problem is I’m supposed to be a boy.  And the moment a young person says that a young woman says that she goes from a lonely teenager who may struggle to find friends to someone who is celebrated in her school congratulated by her therapist and whose doctor can’t wait to start her on a course of hormones.

(6:40). So this is kind of uh we’re taking these universal feelings that that all teenagers experience especially girls and what we have now is a they’re being presented with a with a handy kind of framework for understanding those feelings and that’s what brings them to transgenderism.

Basically that’s right.   I mean imagine you know a young woman who you know prior era would have who would be anorexic and be convinced that if she just lost enough weight everything would be better it’s very you know they they latch on to the because they are in real pain this does not discount their pain.  We know that rates are very high of anxiety depression self-harm for this generation and they’re in they’re in a lot of pain and they looked you know psychological pain is very hard to explain to someone in a way that gets you noticed and in a way that gets you you know interest and help.  And what they want they want they want the affection they want the celebration and they want the attention and one way to frame it so that they get those things um which which i think they do need they do need attention they do need compassion but the way that they’re framing it is is not necessarily accurate in fact very often i think it’s inaccurate that what they what they have is not real typical gender dysphoria.

(9:04) on social media these young women are constantly coached in you know gender ideology and told that oh if you feel uncomfortable, (every woman goes through a period around puberty of feeling uncomfortable in her body) and she’s taught and they spend tremendous amount of times social time on social media they’re taught that that feeling means you’re transgender at a time when it’s very uncool to be a straight girl who is “cisgender” you know comfortable in her body at all.  So the number of forces pushing on her to declare this identity are a lot and as soon as she declares a trans identity or non-binary identity she’s celebrated.

She goes on to discuss job insecurity within the medical profession if you disagree with “gender affirmative care” & then discusses the REAL CONVERSION THERAPY.

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Benjamin Boyce does another long form “calmversation” with a mother and daughter who received a visit from Child Protective Services of Illinois after transactivist internet trolls called CPS and claimed the mother was abusing her child.

Last week Brette celebrated her daughter Anna's desistance from a trans identity. Brette's tweet went viral & was picked up by radical activists who sent her abuse, death threats, & even called Child Services. Brette and Anna share their story about pandemic depression, internet contagion, and self acceptance.

I’m glad my mother didn’t let me mutilate my body.


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