Soren Aldaco, Detransitioner, Tells Her Story

Soren writes in the Dallas Morning News.

I thought I was a trans kid.

From as early as age 11, I played with the idea of living as the opposite sex. Chronic social media usage, early exposure to pornography, insistent bullying, rapid-onset puberty and a history of abuse and neglect (among other things) made girlhood painful and traumatic.

In an attempt to escape, I sought out friends online. Many of these friends adopted fanciful identities, ranging from nonhuman to anime characters to trans. Those identities felt like extensions of our love for art and roleplay. “Boy” was nothing more than a pin I wore.

Our society expects so much from girls and women. A friend shared this beautiful metaphor with me recently, that if a man and a woman went off into nature for a month, the man would come back more manly, and the woman would come back more manly, too. When I asked her why, she put it simply: “Man is considered the default state. Womanhood is about performance.” Every “first” I experienced as a “trans boy” represented rebellion against this performance.

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As a society we must do everything we can to show that “man” is not the “default state.” Pay special attention to her mention of pornography as a catalyst for taking the medicalized pathway to ‘freedom.’

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Soren Aldaco: Another Detransitioner Sues

Detransitioner files $1M lawsuit against doctors for botched mastectomy that left her ‘permanently disfigured’

Lawsuit says doctors ‘coerced’ Soren Aldaco into identifying as transgender and pushed her into a double mastectomy that left her permanently disfigured

Aldaco, who is autistic, said she was battling depression and anxiety as a teenager when she was hospitalized with a manic episode at 15. After a short meeting with a psychiatrist there, Aldaco said she was “coerced” into coming out as transgender. Two years later, Aldaco connected with Del Scott Perry, a nurse practitioner with Texas Health Physicians Group at a transgender support group. After sharing her mental health struggles and identity confusion with Perry, Aldaco said the nurse practitioner encouraged her to begin medically transitioning and wrote her prescriptions for “an outrageously large off-label dosage” of testosterone, the suit alleges.

At the age of 19, Aldaco underwent a double mastectomy at the Crane Clinic in Austin which left her with “horrible post-surgical complications” and found her “nipples literally peeling off of her chest,” according to the 29-page complaint. When she reached out to her surgeons over concerns that something was wrong, Aldaco says she was told that her complications were normal “despite sending graphic pictures of the pools of blood forming subcutaneously within her torso.”

Source: Fox News. (for my readers who dislike Fox News, do a Google search for “Soren Aldaco sues” or “detransitioner sues” and see how many links to more ‘respectable’ news sites you find. And then ask yourself, why is that?)

See her story….

Sometimes the compassionate response is one which sets firm boundaries. At the end of the day you need to be able to discern between enabling and helping – that you giving me access to certain drugs – that you just giving me referrals to whomever I asked for didn’t actually help me heal – it affirmed me in my delusion.

Soren Aldaco