The Swift Current Pass Trail, Glacier NP

Photos from my September 2021 trip to Glacier NP

Hiking the Swift Current Pass trail to the Continental Divide is an exhilarating, challenging adventure. It’s 6.5 miles. I won’t make it that far today. We start here and pass over Swift Current Creek. Bullhead Lake is today’s destination. Let’s go.

Swift Current Creek

Continental Divide ahead….well, 6 miles. First 5 are a walk in the park, though.

The point of Grinnell Mountain 8858 ft. high is in the distance. As you see, the path is well-trodden and easy to follow, winding gently through a mix of pine and aspen trees. Got your bear spray? <grin>

There are several spots where the trees open up to reveal stunning vistas of the lake and the towering mountains beyond. Like at Redrock Lake. The views of Mount Grinnell, Mount Wilbur, are postcard-worthy, changing in appearance and color as the day progresses.

This place invites you to slow down, enjoy the sounds and sights, and appreciate the quieter side of nature.

Redrock Falls isn’t a single, dramatic drop but rather a series of cascades over red argillite rock, which gives the falls their distinctive color. The sound of the water tumbling over the rocks is both soothing and invigorating, creating a peaceful soundtrack to your visit.

Here is the main drop at Redrock Falls. Whether you’re a hiker, a photographer, or someone looking to simply relax by the water, (I stayed for an hour right here) this area is a delightful stop in your Glacier National Park adventure.

The area around the lake and falls is a fantastic spot for picnics, wildlife viewing, and photography. It’s common to see deer, moose, and even bears in the vicinity, so always be bear-aware. I saw a bear from a distance. He crossed the trail and headed for berries.

Swift Current Creek with a distant view of Mount Wilbur. I’m heading that way.

I’m taking in Mount Wilbur, a silent sentinel overlooking the Many Glacier area. What a great hike.

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