The Transgender Child

In this video, Helen Joyce, an author, journalist, and campaigner, reacts to a book titled “The Transgender Child.” This book is written by clinicians supporting transgender and non-binary children and includes various quotes from parents. Joyce provides her thoughts on these quotes, often expressing concern about the implications of the parents’ attitudes and actions towards their children’s gender identity.

She questions the wisdom of making irreversible decisions based on the beliefs and desires of very young children and criticizes the role of parents who rely too heavily on their children for guidance on these complex issues.

I have two children myself both are boys….the younger one was a train between age two and four and I am not exaggerating that child was a train. He was a purple train specifically and he called his body parts train parts like not all the time he also knew he was a boy but it was an immersive fiction of the sort that I’ve since met other parents whose children were horses they were dinosaurs they were a lot of trains.

Helen Joyce