UK Parents Sue The Department For Education

Ten parents are suing the Department for Education (DfE) in negligence. The DfE has failed to act to prevent serious harm to children in violation of its own statutory guidance and the law, which prioritises child safeguarding and prohibits political indoctrination.

Over the past 10 years gender ideology has embedded itself across our education system. It is in primary schools and secondary schools; in state schools and private schools; in grammar schools and comprehensive schools; in all areas of the country and in all social groups. No child or family anywhere is safe from its pernicious influence.

Through negligent management of our education system, activists have infiltrated schools and gender ideology has become mainstream in our classrooms, causing untold harms to children and their families; indoctrinating children to believe they were born in the ‘wrong’ body; and encouraging vulnerable children and adolescents to engage in physical dissociation from reality by abandoning their biological sex for some mythical ‘gender identity’ – in some cases leading to dangerous medical experiments with puberty blockers, cross sex hormones and surgery, as well as the breakdown of family relationships.

Policy Exchange has warned in a recent report, Asleep at the Wheel, that three quarters of all schools are teaching children they could have been born in the wrong body. Schools frequently do not inform a child’s parents when a child expresses a desire for ‘gender transition’, or dismiss parents’ concerns as ignorant or bigoted.


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