Fox Hunters Paradise

About six miles from our place, the closest Blue Ridge Parkway point of interest is Fox Hunters Paradise. You can see why (minus the childish graffiti). Susan’s sister has some memorable moments with her at this spot. Me too.

Looking For Foxes

Just below this vantage point your first landing zone, assuming a really good running start, is the Low Gap Community.  Should you get that far they’ll be sure to patch you up and send you on your way.  They’re nice folks.

Of course you could skip the thrill and the neighborly patchwork if you follow the road down into the valley. Your call.

A little further out Highway 89 on the left, you’ll find Mount Airy. That would be “Mayberry” to Andy Griffith fans. On the horizon, Hanging Rock State Park (center left) and then a Barney Fife favorite, Mount Pilot (center right). In this photo you can barely make out the Pilot Knob. I’ll give you a closer look one day.

The Far Horizon – Hanging Rock – Pilot Mountain

At this altitude, a few weeks ago, Spring had just begun….

Spring Right
Spring Left & Fisher Mountain

Some days you’ll spot a nuthatch upside down on the trunk of a white oak searching the scabby bark for morsels. But nuthatch or no, every day is feast day at Fox Hunter’s Paradise for all God’s creatures, great and small.

God’s World


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