Justice Delayed, Justice Denied

This is a follow up on Dr. Randall, the U.K. Chaplain dismissed for telling the students under his charge that it was okay as Christians in a free society to respectfully disagree with LGBTQ+ teaching. No matter what you think of his viewpoint, this story should be disturbing to all who value religious freedom and freedom of expression.

For his views Randall was reported to the U.K. government’s terrorist watchdog, Prevent, as a potentially violent religious extremist and fired by the school, Trent College. In addition to that, the school also reported him to the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) as a danger to children.  

He is suing the school for discrimination and unfair dismissal. You can read the details in my post entitled, A “Terror” Sermon? There is also a link in my post to the “extremist” sermon which got him sacked.

A story in the Daily Mail brings us up to date on the latest unfortunate development.

Dr. Randall’s employment tribunal hearing scheduled to be held on Jun 14 has been delayed until September 2022! Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, which is representing Dr Randall, said: ‘Justice delayed is justice denied.’ 

Dr. Randall