Feminist Journalist & Twitter Addict

More Lia Thomas fall-out as Gender Critical Feminists ”speak” their mind and get reprimanded.

Feminist Journalist Milli Hill has written for the DailyMail UK, The Telegraph, and The Guardian. She has over 30k Twitter followers. And because she is “addicted to Twitter” she agreed to delete a tweet that got the Twitter God’s angry enough to block her Twitter account.

Another Twitter account user @JessDeWahls, who is perhaps less addicted to Twitter, just posted a screen capture of the ”offensive” tweet. Click below. I’m sharing widely.


Milli Hill is still concerned because she posted the same screen capture on her Instagram account.

Here’s another example of the Twitter God’s all A-twitter.

I don’t have accounts on social media. I gather info from there. And blog about what I find. That’s it. Big Tech is very pro-gender-ideology. I refuse to be caught in their censorious web. I pay for my webhosting.