See the Twilight of Women’s Sport?

Biological male, Emily Bridges, a cyclist for Team Great Britain has continued to race against men even though Emily identifies as a woman. But because of hormone therapy, Emily’s testosterone levels are now low enough to meet the criteria set out by British Cycling, the sport’s governing body, for Emily to compete against women.

That was always Emily’s plan. How successful could Emily be?

Before coming out as trans, Ms Bridges set the Junior Men’s national record for 25 miles in 2018 with a time of just over 47 minutes – two minutes faster than the current national record for adult women.

Source: The Mail Online

Competing in 2018 before transitioning to a ”woman.”

What do female Team GB cyclists think about this development? Not sure. I strongly suspect they are being encouraged to either lie or take unfair defeat in silent submission. The following seems inevitable.

Top women cyclists who have helped Great Britain to historic triumphs face losing their team places after a trans woman announced she would now compete in female events.

Source: The Mail Online

For those keeping watch over women’s sport, the hour is getting late.