Gender Ideology, A Perfect Vehicle For Homophobia?

The pushback from Gay men continues. Gender Critical Lesbians, especially in the UK, have been raising red flags for some time now by suggesting that misogyny is at the heart of Gender Ideology. And they have been denounced as TERF’s (Trans-Exclusionary-Radical-Feminists) for doing so.

[See my post about Philosopher Kathleen Stock.]

Here is a 13 minute video interview where two Gay men express their deep concern about Gender Identity Ideology and how it has captured important institutions.

The Gay Men’s Network was founded by Dennis Kavanagh – who is the legal commentator for Lesbian and Gay News. He says “gender identity ideology is a perfect vehicle for homophobia.”

"At the core of gender identity ideology is a simple proposition: if you're a gender non-conforming boy, if you're artistic or autistic, not big & macho, that's evidence you are in fact a female."  -  Dennis Kavanagh

The Queer Theory inspired abolishment of sex and sexuality is behind the Gender Identity and Expression movement. And more and more people are catching on….

For years Stonewall in the UK was considered by homosexuals as the premier gay rights advocacy organization. But not any more. According to the interviewer (who is a gay man):

Stonewall on their website and in their promotional materials, they've changed the definition of homosexual to say that this doesn't mean same-sex attracted this means same gender attracted and what they're meaning by that is that actually biology has nothing to do with same-sex attraction.  Where of course I would argue that at the core of the gay rights movement is an acknowledgement of biology. [5:25]