What’s In A Name?

From Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans (PITT), a suffering mother.

My sweet kid. It’s your 14th birthday but we can’t sing the song and watch you blow out the candles as we always have. We can’t even say your name—to utter the name I gave you—your given name—is forbidden.  It’s what you like to call your “dead name”. It’s one of the many lies you have been told.  

How did this happen?  Your life was once so full of joy.  

You loved to play soccer in the rain. I remember the last time I watched you on the muddy hill on the sidelines from my lawn chair. I didn’t know it would be the very last time. I was under my tiny umbrella, freezing cold. I can still see you running, with your face to the sky, laughing as the tears rained down from the clouds.  

You were so strong and confident—fast and proud. You felt so sure of yourself until your body betrayed you. Your breasts made you cripplingly self-conscious and some extra weight around your hips and thighs just slowed you down.  

You have somehow decided not only that it would be easier to be a boy but that you are a boy. Your own sister feeds into your delusion and encourages you.  I’m powerless to stop her.  

Source:  PITT

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Love Refuses to Affirm Confusion