The Queen Honors Stephanie

Stephanie Davies-Arai has been awarded a British Empire Medal in the Queen’s Birthday Honors List for service to Children. Her website Transgender Trend – No Child Is Born in the Wrong Body has been tireless in its advocacy for children.

To me this is not only vindication of my work over the past seven years. This is recognition for all the parents who have been vilified for simply wanting a proper standard of care for their children. It is confirmation that their concerns are valid and not born of bigotry. My hope is that this honour will give all parents more confidence in challenging a system that is failing children and in holding schools to account for teaching their children non-scientific concepts as truth.

Everyone who cares about the safeguarding and wellbeing of children welcomes open debate and exchange of views. Tactics to silence debate create fear of speaking up and puts children at risk. I am proud to have played my part in facilitating discussion about the treatment of children who experience gender-related distress and I am honoured to have my work recognised as being in the service of children.   

You can read about Stephanie and her fight for our young people here.

A long form interview with her by Benjamin Boyce will fill in the details about her efforts and the history of the Trans phenomena in the U.K.

To say that a "woman" is an abstract idea which is indefinable and anybody can use their own idea of it becomes completely subjective and meaningless term in the realm of ideas.  And it's disembodied.  So it's completely disassociated.  So I think the whole "trans" movement is a dehumanizing movement...
Challenging the Gender Mythos