Philosopher Says Stop Linguistic Colonialism

In the U.K. a man of the political Left, philosopher Jon Pike, responds to Labour MP Stella Creasy, and says to Madam Creasy that the word “female” should mean something objective.

Of course most of us believe Sex is objective. Not subjective. Based on all kinds of immutable markers. Gametes (sperm or ova). Chromosomes. Hormones. Genitals (penis or vulva).

Which is to say, reproductive capacities loom large in the definition of Sex, and hence, terms like male and female.

Yet the Linguistic Colonialists among us want to blur important terms to achieve political goals, goals which they say will bring about diversity, equity and inclusion. But by taking the word “female” and turning it into a matter of “gender identity” you’ve distorted beyond hope any further discussion of the meaning of the term. If we say a word can mean whatever anyone wants it to mean, for the sake of inclusion, or any other “noble” goal, then that word is meaningless. And obviously cannot be debated. Which is of course the goal of gender ideologues. No discussion. Just inclusion. And affirmation. Objectivity be damned. Full Stop.

But we are still left with real differences to be explained. Aren’t we? I mean, if we have eyes to see. What language to use then? The redefinition of terms is a standard “trope” within trans activism so that regular folk are left befuddled and unaware of trans activist goals.

What are those goals? A radical, technologically astute, reordering of society that transcends material limitations. What, making us like God?

Well, sorta. Most of them don’t believe in ”God” just “progress.”

Obviously, Christians like myself, who know God created a material world and called it good cannot accept that kind of “progressive” social reordering.

Radicals move us along that reordering line by changing the meaning of essential words in ordinary discourse and debate. Thereby colonizing our language.

“Of course I’m for “females”, and “women” who isn’t these days?”

Well…pay close attention. Don’t assume you know what is being said. Verbal sands are shifting. Entire territories are being ”appropriated.”