Parent: Gender Identity Medicine Is ‘Cancer’

Another Parent with an Inconvenient Truth about Trans.

When my daughter cut her beautiful locks, I thought it odd, but her new cut was super cute and, after all, hair does grow back. Right? Then came college and the target of my daughter’s angst became her own body. She began to believe the lie that is sold to young people today, that they were “born in the wrong  body.” She began taking testosterone, a drug that happens to be a Class 3 controlled substance, not approved  for use in women, and that carries a worrisome risk profile. Her voice became deep and strange. Her natural voice was now gone forever. Her breasts were excised. They too are now gone forever. Her nipples were rearranged. Her insides were ravaged—her blood, her uterus, her liver, her heart, her kidneys. Will these tissues and organs repair themselves to their  former function when and if she wakes up? Unlike hair, some things don’t grow back.

She was healthy before all of this after all. With the help of her campus peers, the university she attended, and the so-called “experts” of this new thing called “gender” medicine, who at one time took vows to do no harm, my daughter was being harmed. This happened years ago, before there were organizations and groups of parents and professionals trying to piece together what was happening. It was, however, painfully obvious to me: Medical identities were being used as a weapon—by medical professionals—against the minds and bodies of an entire generation of young women—and my gullible daughter had been a target.

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No doubt, pharmaceutical companies will be brought into the upcoming ‘Gender Affirming’ Lawsuits.

Christ Among The Doctors, c. 1495/1497
Courtesy of the National Gallery of Art


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