Why Would A Christian Chaplain Let That Pass?

Challenging essay about the plight and right of Rev Dr. Bernard Randall to speak up if he thinks Gender Ideology opposes Christian Theology.

Dr Randall was referred to the anti-terrorism Prevent programme and initially sacked for gross misconduct by the fee-paying Trent College in Derbyshire after he told pupils they were free to criticise the school’s LGBT policy

...this is not simply about supporting LGBT pupils — even supposing we think that LGB and T belong together (the LGB Alliance and many others don’t). It is about an ideology which wishes to break down society, and remould it into … well, I know not what. It’s about Queer Theory, and disrupting all categories. That’s why the mantra “smash heteronormativity” describes Educate and Celebrate’s work so very well. But as human beings we navigate the world by categories — it means we don’t have to process every piece of sensory input or information separately and afresh. The destruction of categories means mental overload, loss of the ability to make timely decisions, paralysis, and chaos. I’m pretty sure no Christian would support chaos. Nor would any reasonable person. Yes, categories, stereotypes, sometime mislead us, but the way to deal with that is to be alert to them, not to dispense with them altogether.

What’s more, Queer Theory has roots in Marxism and Postmodernism, and is thus a manifestly atheist system. Again, why would a Christian chaplain just let that pass? 

Source: The Critic

Well he/she shouldn’t. Even if doing so makes enemies. As it will.


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