No “Middle Way” Between Shared Objective Reality & Subjective Delusion.

Even though we should be respectful and listen to one another, we should not fall into the compromise trap. When reality and personal liberty collide, delusions must be lovingly opposed. Mutual respect cannot be divorced from Truth.

As Jo Bartosch acknowledges in this piece:

Ultimately, how someone wishes to dress and describe themselves is up to them. It is not the job of the state to offer a legal prop for their identity, however. It also seems only fair to acknowledge that families can be left deeply traumatised when a loved one identifies as trans. Too often the experiences of children, parents, siblings and partners are dismissed as inconvenient, messy collateral damage….

Acknowledgment of both reality and personal liberty must be the basis from which progress is made. In the eyes of the self-styled “moderates”, this makes me one of those dreadful extremists — bathing in the tears of trans kids, using pronouns and deadnames as weapons in the (non-existent) “trans genocide” — all because to me, there is no polite middle way between shared objective reality and a subjective delusion, no matter how articulately the argument is presented.

Something as basic as acknowledging sex has been presented as controversial, as a complex academic topic requiring reams of unpicking, and that is pure lady testicles. Go to any farmyard, and it is quite apparent that even beasts bred for human consumption know what biological sex is.


Compromise Is Not Valuable In Itself