Denmark Doubting

Another progressive country is having second thoughts about pediatric gender transition

Bernard Lane reports that Denmark has taken a different approach when it comes to treating children and adolescents with gender dysphoria. Specifically, Denmark has stopped the use of puberty blockers for children under the age of 16. This decision is based on concerns about the long-term effects and safety of these treatments.

The country is now focusing on providing psychological support and counseling to these young individuals to help them navigate their feelings and identities. This shift in approach emphasizes a more cautious stance, prioritizing the mental well-being and understanding of children and adolescents before considering medical interventions.

Sophie Lohde, who is the chair of the Health Committee in the Danish Parliament, expressed her concerns about the treatment of children and adolescents with gender dysphoria. She is quoted as saying:

“It’s deeply concerning that our health system uses puberty blockers on children under 16, without knowing the long-term consequences, or even how it affects them in the short term.”

This quote reflects Lohde’s apprehension about the use of puberty blockers on young individuals, emphasizing the lack of comprehensive knowledge about the potential effects of such treatments.

Ms Løhde said that medical treatment at the Danish central gender clinic in Copenhagen—the Sexology Clinic—would only be offered “if the child or young person has had gender dysphoria since childhood.”

“If the gender dysphoria has started in connection with puberty, the young person may, among other things, be referred to a process of reflection or clarification,” she said. 

“This process is often finalised without medical treatment, as the indication for treatment is not considered present.”

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