Corduroy Creek

A few days ago I spent some time in the area near Fort Apache Indian Reservation, Arizona. Here is a late morning shot of Corduroy Creek. This meandering creek isn’t clad in striped textile but runs through a landscape that is every bit as textured. It’s a place where the high desert meets pine forests. And a river runs through it. (Apologies to Norman M.)

The trees with the striking white bark that stand out against the rugged backdrop of Corduroy Creek are Arizona sycamores. These are rather grand trees that can be easily recognized by their mottled bark, which peels away in patches to reveal a creamy, almost ghostly underlayer. They are often found near streams and rivers in Arizona, as they prefer the moist, well-drained soils these environments provide.

Now, for the greenery – those robust, ever-present fellows are likely to be a mix of juniper and pine trees, staples of Arizona’s higher elevation flora.

It’s a beautiful part of God’s world.