Transgenderism Thread

A well done 15 part thread. Here are 4 of them.


Detransitioner Sinead Watson About Costa Coffee Campaign

When is the madness going to stop? I’m talking about the latest attempt to pretend it’s normal for young women like me to have our healthy breasts surgically removed. 

It’s not. It never has been and it never should be — however hard transgender lobbyists fight.

When I saw pictures this week of the new image emblazoned across Costa Coffee’s vans, I felt deeply concerned. I also felt immensely sad. 

The cute cartoon of an androgynous-looking character in colourful yellow shorts with a big smile and two mastectomy scars promotes transgender surgery more keenly than it does the brand itself. 

The message is clear: you too can live your best life like this trans man if you get your breasts cut off. And it could not be more disingenuous. 

Source: Sinead Watson For The Daily Mail


Costa Coffee Conundrum

Is this another BudLight moment? Costa Coffee trivializes cutting girls breasts off.

They have stores in some of our largest metro areas. And it is the biggest coffee chain in Britain. Do what you think is appropriate.