A Mother’s Day Tale

Just came across this. And since it is “Mother’s Day week” I thought I’d share.

Jill Snyder Kerr (’00, MAEd ’01), a former Wake Forest track star and assistant coach has six children, including triplet girls. In the story below, she shares how she coped with the challenges of pregnancy, childbirth, sleep deprivation and juggling multiple roles as a mother, teacher and coach. She also offers some tips and inspiration for other mothers on Mother’s Day 2023.

The article below highlights her achievements as an athlete, her faith as a Christian and her gratitude for the support of her family, friends and community.

You will read how she:

  • Took a break from coaching at Boston College after the birth of her triplets and focused on teaching part-time at a local high school.
  • Relied on the help of her husband, mother-in-law, church members and friends who provided meals, babysitting and moral support.
  • Hosted international exchange students who enriched her family’s cultural experience and helped with household chores.
  • Prioritized her faith and trusted God’s plan for her life.

YOU GO GIRL! (Kudo’s to Dad as well)


Celebrate Mothers / Celebrate Life

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Our lives begin at conception. Our sex, our ethnicity, even our hair color are determined at the moment two gametes, sperm and egg, meet.

I believe we are obliged to respect that beginning by not ending life prematurely. Or unnecessarily. [See post below].

Human Life – The Beginning

Human Life – The Beginning

The Mississippi law upheld by last year’s Supreme Court ruling placed a restriction on abortion after 15 weeks, with exceptions for a medical emergency or severe fetal abnormality. This restriction is viewed as extreme by some.

What do you think?


Protect Human Life & Celebrate Mothers