Origin of Life: Basic Building Blocks

Let’s begin a series on the Origin of Life.

Darwin did not know how life began. And he said so. His master work was entitled “On The Origin of Species” for it presupposed the existence of life.

But what got life started? Almost all scientists now believe our Universe had a beginning (Big Bang Theory). But what caused the material/energy which led to the simplest organisms upon which Darwin would build his Origin of Species theory?

Scientists don’t know.

Video provided by Discovery Science.

We’re often told that origin of life experiments have simulated the production of life’s building blocks under conditions that mimicked the early earth. Or at least that’s what many textbooks say. But is this really true? This video shows how origin of life researchers “cheat” by using purified chemicals that don’t reproduce actual natural conditions. Another dirty little secret is that prebiotic synthesis experiments often don’t report the bulk of the product: toxic garbage that destroys the building blocks’ ability to form more complex molecules. Watch this video to appreciate how origin of life experiments don’t come anywhere close to accounting for the vast complexity of biology. This is the first of several episodes about the origin of life presented as part of the Long Story Short series.

Check back for the next several days to see additional episodes.

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