Kids Taught ‘Sliding Scale’ Between Male & Female

In England 800 schools have been sent copies of a children’s book, for children ages 8-11, entitled, What Does LGBT+ Mean?

In the book they are taught that a person’s sex is “assigned” to them by a doctor at birth and that gender can be a “sliding scale“.

The Times reports the book is….

Written by mother-and-son diversity campaigners, it features a picture of a doctor holding a clipboard and pen by a row of babies under the “assigned sex” chapter. The book adds that “gender is different from assigned sex” and is who they “feel” they are, with examples given as “male, female, both or neither”.

Author Helen Joyce, from the advocacy group Sex Matters told The Times:

Nobody is assigned a sex. I’ve given birth twice and both times I knew what sex the baby was at 20 weeks. It’s just absurd. How did we get to a place where teachers feel they can sit and say to primary children, ‘Some people feel male, some feel female, some feel both and some feel neither’?

(See my rebuttal of the “assigned” fiction here.)

If you wonder why states like Florida have written new laws about these matters, this is why.

According to The Times:

There are also two pages dedicated to an explanation of sexual orientation, with labels of heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual and asexual.

The book…

includes a section on “gender as a spectrum”, saying: “Some people find it useful to think of gender as a sliding scale between male and female.” The scale is shown with labels in between male and female, including mostly female, partly female, both or neither, partly male and mostly male.

The full story in The Times.

The importance of the teacher
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