Covid-19 Lockdowns and Gender Swapping

A leading clinical psychologist with 16 years’ experience in child mental health say more than half of her patients now identify as transgender.

She saw a sudden rise after the coronavirus lockdowns. And parents are letting their kids transition at ages five or six. But parents had been “sold a lie.”

'When we disconnect them from their biological sex we set up patterns of denial and secrets. We set them up to hate their bodies at puberty, to beg for [puberty] blockers and binders, because for years we told them they could change sex and they believed us – but their body knows otherwise.
'They become desperate to go back to the years when no one knew any different, but that time will never come again. Time is not reversible. What we grow up being told in our childhood matters for our whole lives.'

She reports this anonymously because she said:

“she feared being accused of ‘transphobia’ or even conversion therapy if she questioned or explored the child’s decision to swap gender.”

Sixty out of 1,000 students at a secondary school declared their gender to be different than their birth sex.

According to the DailyMail:

The majority have done so since most Covid-19 lockdown restrictions were lifted last summer, raising concern about the impact of online trans ‘influencers’ on youngsters who were largely confined to their homes for months.

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