UK Education Secretary Responds

This is a follow up to my post about an 18 year old girl driven out of school for questioning Trans Ideology.

Kudos to the UK Education Secretary for standing up for biological reality! We need more people in education like that. “A woman is an adult human female, and that’s the biology.”

Here is an article written by a teacher of the same school who corroborates what happened there.

The Stranglehold of Transgender Ideology in Our Schools.

It is quite chilling to witness first hand how this ideology (and by ideology I mean ‘collectivised false or inauthentic selfhood’) operates and grows. It should be obvious that the underlying message ‘Take the knee to us or else be crucified’ has nothing whatsoever to do with care and compassion. Narcissistic rage is the antithesis of righteous anger in that it is vengeful and vindictive, and (in its purest form) always seeks to annihilate and never forgives. What happened in the 6th form centre, known these days as a ‘woke pile on’ is an example of where narcissistic rage masquerades as righteous anger in the form of ‘gleeful outrage’. Here, otherwise perfectly nice and agreeable individuals collude and congregate to show that they are on the moral high ground and ‘on the right side of history’. Also any waverers will be getting the clearest message of what will happen to ‘them’ if they don’t conform.