Why Florida Passed Parental Rights Law

The Florida law was not a “Don’t Say Gay” Law. It is not about homosexuality. It is about age-appropriate discussion of sexual matters. And more. Today’s “Pride” advocates are pushing cultural envelopes that most American parents find disturbing. Those parent’s views must be respected. For example, most homosexuals do not deny the reality of biological sex. Same sex attraction would be an incoherent phrase if they did.

But the new generation of “Pride” advocates most certainly do deny the reality of biological sex. As I’ve amply documented on this blog.

We live in a pluralistic society with all kinds of people groups who possess a variety of worldviews. It is therefore wildly inappropriate to show the following videos to children of parents who fundamentally disagree with the idea that there are more than two sexes and two corresponding genders. For those parents, teaching their kids about TQ+ identities is wildly inappropriate.

See my “Saying No to Parents” post.

The following 4 videos were shown to a 3rd grade class in Glendale California. You can read the details here. A parent saw these on Zoom class and complained.

For those who wonder why Florida and other states are passing laws disallowing sexual orientation and gender identity instruction to K-3rd graders, here is your evidence why.

I’m particularly disturbed by the next one. Here’s what the report at GenderLCGB had to say:

In the video, the host says, “Jodie Foster is a woman, and she made me question my sexuality when I was a child because I liked her so much. And she was nude in the film ‘Nell.’ Not that I remember watching it several times as a child.”

This video is intended to instruct children about appropriate interpersonal relationships – and what did the child learn? The child learned that it is okay for an adult to talk to a child about watching nude people in movies, and having it affect their sexual desires and sexual arousal. This is normalizing behavior – a known tactic of sexual groomers – that should be a warning sign to parents and children. The behavior observed here is adults talking to children about sexual desires and sexual attraction.

Imagine if a male was leading this video and talking to your child about watching a particular actress nude in a movie. How would you respond? - Source: GenderLCGB

Read the full story here. You will see how one teacher and her administrators were unable to recognize inappropriate sexual content for elementary school children.

Of course, not all parents will consider this content inappropriate. But my point is that most will for 3rd graders (!) and that must be respected.

Unfortunately, in the Glendale Unified School District parents do not have the right to opt their children out of gender identity and sexual orientation topics.

Per the state of California, parents do not have the right to opt their children out of gender identity and sexual orientation instruction. In this Glendale Unified video presentation titled “Superintendent’s Community Update December 16, 2021: Building Healthy Communities,” the Director of Teaching and Learning, Christopher Coulter, specifically says, “Opt out provision does not apply to instruction or materials outside the context of comprehensive sexual health education, including those that may reference gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, discrimination, bullying, relationships or family.” - Source: GenderLCGB
To reiterate, in California public schools, not only are you not allowed to opt your child out of this instruction, the teacher is not required to notify parents in advance when they are discussing gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation. The only reason the parent knew anything was happening was because she observed it directly on Zoom school during COVID distance learning. - Source: GenderLCGB

Because of remote learning the past two years, parents have become more aware of classroom activities. Many will regard these videos, especially 1 & 2, as inappropriate for their children. Parents are making their views known through their elected representatives.

More laws will be passed.