Feminists on the Left, Antifa ‘Black Pampers’ on the Right

There has sometimes been an anarchistic impulse in street supporters of Gender Ideology. An unholy amalgamation of Marx, Freud & Nietzsche spills out of them uncontrollably. They scream against ‘oppression’. They idolize ‘sexual desire & fulfillment.’ And they pronounce a pox on all ‘metanarratives.’

Like the one which says biology really, really matters.

Ironically they pine most aggressively for ‘inclusion’ and yet are some of the most ‘exclusive’ bloaks you’ll ever meet. Masked men in black, screaming at women face to face. Women gathered to champion Sex-Based Rights. Women who pine for female spaces where biological men with fully intact penises shouldn’t be allowed to enter.

You don’t need to always agree with Gender-Critical Feminists to defend their right to peacefully press their urgent concerns. And persuade citizens to support their cause.

An organizer of a Bristol, UK women’s gathering, Kellie-Jay Keen, (woman in green below), a so-called TERF (Trans-Exclusionary-Radical-Feminist), was confronted by a particularly uncivil anarchist.

He’s the one who called her a ‘fascist piece of sh##!’

Antifa-Anarchists are not especially known for elegant articulations. Dramatic intimidation seems better suited to push ‘dinosaurs’ like Keen toward extinction.

Or so they think.

Black Pampers

Bottom row of previous image was an event held a few weeks ago in Manchester, UK. One Black Pamper is seen ‘manhandling’ a feminist for daring to fly a suffragette flag in front of a statue of suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst.

‘Black Pampers’

Antifa ‘Black Pampers’

You will find similar confrontations on college and university campuses across the western world.

Our ‘children’ need to grow up.

Is this the world we want to live in?

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