Wise and Scrupulous

So says The Economist about the New York Times Bestseller:

Our young people are being placated in place instead of nurtured into adulthood.

I recommend you read this book. The authors wrote an afterword in the summer of 2021 to be added to the second addition but it grew so long that the publishers balked at the cost of adding it to the second addition.


You can find it on-line here. Take the time. It’s worth it.

Afterword Contents.

It has been a tough three years — for universities, for many Western democracies, and for humanity — as we all adapted to a pandemic, an economic crisis, and political turbulence. Our goal in this afterword is to share with you nine things we have learned in the last three years so that you can better understand and respond to the trends that may already be affecting your family, school, workplace, and country.

The afterword has nine sections:

  1. Gen Z’s Mental Health Continues to Deteriorate
  2. It’s Social Media—More Than Screen Time—That Matters For Mental Health
  3. Increasing Persecution on Campus
  4. The Polarization Spiral and the Great Awokening
  5. International Coddling
  6. Corporate Coddling
  7. The Role of Ed Schools
  8. K-12 and the Battle Over Antiracism 3.0
  9. Conclusion: Eternal Wisdom


Love Refuses to Affirm Confusion