Parents Face Prosecution If They Don’t ‘Affirm’

From the Dailymail about new law in Victoria, a state in southeastern Australia.

A new Victorian law which forces mothers and fathers to accept their children's desire to change gender has left distraught parents fearing prosecution if they do anything to try to prevent potentially harmful and irreversible treatment.

So far-reaching is the new law that even trying to arrange counselling and expert assessment for their kids could lead to parents - and the mental health professionals - being prosecuted if the advice did anything other than affirm the children's newly-discovered gender dysphoria.

Many parents feel trapped, unable to do anything to prevent their children pursuing  potentially irreversible and harmful changes - from chest-binding to taking hormone blockers and ultimately sex-change surgery.

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The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission has been tasked with policing the Act.

Its website states it is now an offence for a parent to refuse to support their child's request for medical treatment that will prevent physical changes from puberty that do not align with the child's new gender identity, and it is also an offence to deny their child access to any health care services that would affirm that identity.

And in case any parents thought they could seek counselling for their children outside Victoria, the Act now makes that an offence too.

And so too is telling your child to reflect further before going ahead with gender transition, with the Commission's website warning parents that the definition of gender suppression could include 'wait and see' approaches, and not just overt opposition to the children's wishes.  

Very worrying development for Aussie parents and kids.

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