Gender Pronouns or Sex Pronouns?

Sex-based pronouns are not based on sexist notions. You either are or are not, male or female. In contrast, promoters of today’s wacky & multitudinous gender-based pronouns offer up arguments steeped in blatant sexism.

I’ve previously highlighted Colin Wright’s work. He says don’t participate in pronoun rituals. I agree.

Here are just a few wacky pronouns corresponding with an ever growing list of gender identities. (There are many, many more)

SheHerHersshee, hur, hurs
HeHimHishee, him, hiz
They*Them*Theirs*thei, them, thehrz
XeXemXyrszee, zem, zeres
ZeHirHirszee, here, heres
ZeZirZirszee, zere, zeres
EEmEirsay, em, airs

Reality Alert: There are only two sexes and if you insist on using the term “gender” then there are only two genders.

There are many ways to express being male or female, often based on cultural norms & conventions, but those two sexes (or genders) are the only options we have. Boy becomes Man. Girl becomes Woman. That’s it folks!

We must resist what the gender ideologues are selling.

You don’t need to be unkind to any specific person you meet who is genuinely confused. Just don’t acquiesce to a deeply flawed ideology. Get creative. But stand your ground. See my companion posts below for details.

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