The Little Mermaid, Updated

Philosopher Kathleen Stock has something of a writers block. She simply can’t write “one more straight-faced sentence about the ludicrous, off-the-charts batshittery of mainstream LGBT organisations.” (Remember, Stock is a Gender Critical Feminist, who is also a Lesbian.)

So she decided to update “The Little Mermaid” fantasy.

Once upon a time, at a hospital where Birthing-Persons give birth to children of indeterminate sex, a trans child is being born.

This is a special child. Unbeknownst to all, something called a gender identity lies within the newborn as it innocently sleeps. A bit like the seed in Jack’s pocket yet to grow into a beanstalk, this gender identity has yet to germinate and unfold. But one day it will.

Soon thereafter, the sex-assigning fairies arrive at the hospital, and sort the newborns into two groups: half into boy-babies, and half into girl-babies. Our hero is assigned “boy” by the sex-assigning fairies.  Nobody objects, for they know no different. The gender identity needs time to germinate. It is not ready yet.

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