Transgender Female Dominates Girls’ Cross-Country Races

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“2013 Cross Country – NYSAIS Championships – Van Cortlandt Park” by Steven Pisano is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

His freshmen year at Seattle Academy, the student finished 72nd place in the boys’ division. This year [the student] finished first place competing in the girls’ division.

"Allowing [the student] to compete against biological girls deprives other girls' teams of the chance to compete at state [which is a big deal]," a coach in the student's conference told Libs of TikTok. "If [she] competed in the boys' division, [she] would place 56th on the boys' team."

"[The student] is larger than any of the girls, and shamelessly takes first place on the podium," another father told the outlet. "Now my daughter is competing against a male for scholarships. And we can't even say anything. You can't even approach it in a nice way without being labeled a hateful bigot. You will get threats against you."

Source: International Business Times

Last year the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) changed its participation standards. Previously adopted standards followed the International Olympic Committee’s position. Transgender people were allowed to participate as long as they had undergone surgery and had a minimum of two years of cross-sex hormone treatments.

As of last year the WIAA now says “athletes will participate in programs consistent with their gender identity or the gender most consistently expressed.”


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