Our Bella, My Girls

Susan loved the movie Forrest Gump. We often recited the well-known lines between Forrest and Jenny.

Me: ….are you my girl?

Susan: I’ll always be your girl…..

She is.

And so is Bella.

Sadly, this week, I had to say goodbye to our Bella. She had degenerative disk disease and arthritis. Also, about three months ago, she hurt her left leg running down our gravel road. She loved to sprint after doing her “business.” It was fun to watch. Except when she hurt her leg.

I tried everything; acupuncture, laser therapy, adequine shots, epson salt baths. But the leg just never got better. In the video below you’ll see one of my socks on her left leg. Because of disk disease she was dragging the leg. And it needed protection. (A more fashion conscious ensemble was on order from Amazon.)

Top half of her body still worked. Bottom half not so much. In the last two weeks I had to hold her straight while she squatted to P&P. Which I was willing to continue. But she stopped eating regularly. And was refusing her treats! She started to look at me as if to say, do something!

Doubled her pain meds in the last two weeks. That was something. But not enough.

I took her for a four hour ride on the parkway this Wednesday (see pic below). She loved our rides. We enjoyed Wednesday on the parkway very much. But understandably couldn’t visit “Our Spot.” Except from a distance.

What a great companion Bella has been for Susan and I. Susan’s last two years. And now with me for 4. I can’t imagine having a better dog. Patient, kind, obedient. And most of all loving.

You wonder about the timing of these things. As pet owner you have the power of life and death over these beautiful creatures of God. So you want to do the right thing by them. God graciously confirmed the timing of my difficult decision Thursday morning.

Before I backed out of my driveway to take Bella to the Vet for the last time, I turned my radio on for some “mood music.”

Take a look at the song that was playing for us.

I really needed that.

I hope you enjoy the video.

Our Bella, My Girls

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