An Uninformed Moral Subjectivist

This uninformed guy goes from “trans surgeries on minors aren’t happening” to “they are happening and it’s good” in record time.

First, when presented with the evidence, he acknowledges the surgeries are happening on minors. But only, he thinks, after extensive testing and affirmation of their “gender identity.”

Then when he is told people can get surgery recommendation letters at Pride festivals from strangers who say they’ll sign letters for any minor who wants surgery, he falls back on his subjectivist moral stance, a common position today born out of radical individualism. Otherwise known as subjectivism.

People, even minors, should be allowed to do whatever they want to do to themselves. And so we should just “affirm” and presumably pay for the “healthcare”& social maintenance of that delusion.

“If they wanna transition then yeah they should have strangers
sign letters of recommendation.”


Cultural Decay