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The Good Creation Podcast – Cari, Detransitioner

Podcast Script

Two fairly short videos below by an articulate DeTransitioner.  From her own personal experience, Cari superbly frames the issue.

No matter what Gender Activists tell you.  It doesn’t matter if they are testifying under oath before Congress.  (See my post from yesterday.)  DeTransitioner numbers are growing rapidly.  Their stories complicate the sunny picture frequently presented in the media about our “gender-fluid future.” Plus Detransitioners are either ignored or heavily criticized by Trans-Activists. They need to be heard. They need our support and love.

Please note the following important terms & phrases in the videos below: a mental health condition called “dissociative disorder,” also the phrases “maladaptive coping mechanism,” “decoupling my sense of self from my body” “shifting dysphoria” & “gatekeeping.”  These are important terms and phrases we need to understand.  

So listen carefully.

Our young people are not getting the mental health care or the spiritual support they need. We need more “gatekeeping!”

Also, as I study this issue I constantly find homosexuals saying they are so glad they are not teens today. They might have tried to medicalize their identity, changing their bodies forever. Like Cari did. The Lesbian community in particular is being decimated. Less feminine “gender non-conforming” girls who might think about that possibility are being told instead, they just might be guys, not girls! 

As I’ve mentioned several times before, homosexuals typically don’t deny their biological sex. Which would make nonsense of same-sex attraction.  What we are seeing with today’s gender ideology is a different, confusing, contradictory mess. 

Unless your aim is to radically restructure society and its cultural norms. Which is the aim of Queer Theory and several other Critical Theories I could mention.

Unfortunately because of ideology and quite frankly a lot of ignorance, young people today are groomed to deny biological sex. So-called “Affirming” clinicians & counselors put them on a fast-track to Transition

After irreversible damage to her body, Cari wishes she had received better care from the professionals. They failed her. 

“I want to ask you, (says Cari) how many other medical conditions are there where you can walk into the doctor’s office, tell them you have a certain condition, which has no objective test, which can be caused by trauma or mental health issues or societal factors, and receive life-altering medications on your say-so?”

They failed her.  Please listen carefully to what she has to say.  

If you’ve just found my blog and are intrigued about this issue, and want to learn more, I highly recommend a book by Abigail Shrier.

Shrier is a graduate of Columbia College who went on to earn a bachelor of philosophy degree from the University of Oxford and a JD from Yale Law School.  Her book Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters was named a “best book” by The Economist and The Times of London. [2020, 2021]

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I’m a Classic Christian.   I regard Gender Ideology as anti-creational to the core. This blog is about “God’s Good Creation.” That’s why I’m writing and podcasting about this issue. Christians (and everybody else) let’s get informed. And speak up as I’m confident Jesus would.

"Have you not read that the one who made them at the beginning 'made them male and female.'" [Matt 19:4]

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